Are you struggling with memory difficulties?

Have you been left feeling overwhelmed with everyday life demands?  Are feelings of depression, anxiety, and seemingly unpredictable temper outbursts or sudden mood swings getting in the way of your relationships, friendships, or work? 

Have the above difficulties left you feeling socially isolated?  

Have you tried just about anything including counselling for your emotional difficulties to manage your problems, yet nothing seems to work?

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Concussion Management

Cognitive Aging and Dementia Prevention

If your brain’s ability to function has been compromised by a brain insult (e.g. acquired brain injury including concussion, anoxia, chemotherapy, brain tumor, brain surgery) or a medical/ neurological condition (e.g. dementia, mild cognitive impairment, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis), it is most likely that your memory and/ or thinking ability is affected, potentially creating a host of everyday life problems and, with it, most likely impacting your emotional and mental health .

However, to successfully address the mental and emotional difficulties following a brain insult, the roots of these issues must be considered and treated.  In other words, they require different approaches than mental health issues stemming from other causal factors.

Dealing with the complex cognitive demands of everyday life (e.g. getting oriented in an unfamiliar environment; finding  products in a busy grocery store; remembering appointments) can lead to frustration, irritation, increased stress, and with it, to anxiety, depression, and/ or sudden mood swings, and social isolation.  These mental and emotional difficulties often are by- products of the cognitive difficulties experienced following a brain insult.  More importantly, these issues are difficult to deal with because the person and family often don’t know how to address the cognitive difficulties successfully and cope with the emotional consequences.

Heike, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Rehabilitation Professional @ Mind your Brain, specializes in cognitive rehabilitation and utilizes a biopsychosocial approach to tailor treatment to an individual client’s needs.  She provides support in a safe and a compassionate environment in which clients can learn about their cognitive functioning, its importance to daily life, and the connections between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.  Heike’s goal is to support and guide clients on their journey to regain their footing in life and improve their quality of life.