Cognitive Aging

Healthy versus Pathological Aging overview

Cognitive Aging Primer-2016

Understanding Stroke -Stroke Recovery Association of British Columbia an excellent site that provides easy-to-understand scientific info about brain health and more

Guides for recovery after Stroke

Caregiver’s Bill of Rights

Information on brain health and evidence on reducing dementia risk

Age-related Memory Loss: What’s normal and what’s not, and when to seek help

How to improve your Memory

Causes of Memory Loss

Remembering Tips

Infographic about Alzheimer’s Disease by Meredith Rogers

NIH-The National Institute on Aging on Healthy Aging, Dementia, and more

Alzheimer’s Research& Prevention Foundation

HelpsheetPain in DementiaQandA

Pain_in dementia factsheet

The Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimers Disease and Dementia basics

MCI Fact Sheet– Fact sheet on Mild Cognitive Decline

AD Fact sheet 2010 – Fact sheet on Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

AD facts_figures_2013

WorkSafe working w Dementia-Discussion-Guide

More information on the concept of successful cognitive aging, how the brain and mind change as we age, and how to support your own successful cognitive aging process can be found in this article on Successful Cognitive Aging

Educational Videos

An excellent talk that addresses different interpretations of aging depending on the methodology used, with longitudinal data showing that memory can improve as we get older, provides and explains preventive strategies to support healthy aging, and much more informative data on cognitive aging and data presented in easily understandable terms.

Dr Snowden talks about results of the famous nun study and what it teaches us with regard to aging sucessfully

Cognitive Aging versus Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Healthy Aging of the Brain to Mild Cognitive Impairment