Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury

While utilizing these resources, please, remain aware that NOT each and every bump to the head will necessarily result in a concussion.  The term concussion denotes a traumatic brain injury, TBI for short.  Concussion = ‘shaking’, and when applied to the brain, it means shaking of the brain.  To diagnose a concussion, a hit to the head needs to lead at least to ‘alteration in mental state’ for a period of time in addition to other symptoms, and subtle longer-term consequences including slowed processing of information!  It should be diagnosed by a professional educated in traumatic brain injury.

Acquired brain injury includes traumatic brain injury as well as other acquired conditions that impact brain functioning (e.g., brain tumors, brain surgery, lack of oxygen supply to brain).

Kit for Understanding and managing concussion in Kids Concussion in Kids

Paediatric Concussion Management- return-to-learn protocol

Paediatric Concussion mgmt- REAP Project hand out

Mind your Brain “Paediatric TBI Info Fact Sheet for school professionals”

2016 Recommendations on Management of Paediatric Concussions


Community Brain Injury Program for Children & Youth in British Columbia

Resources for educators and parents of children with TBI including mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI)

REAP Project Manual 2009

Resources for concussion management- for Clinicians and Patients

 RESOURCES FOR OTHER paediatric conditions impacting a child’s cognitive functioning

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