“Some time ago, I found Heike (Mind your Brain) when I was searching for counselling services, and I am so glad I did.  I experienced challenges in my relationship with my business partner, making business life more challenging, and the resulting pressures impacted my personal relationships at home.  Even though I am highly educated, I felt like I was walking in a maze that I could not navigate successfully on my own; whatever I tried brought me back to my initial challenges until I found Heike.

“My experience with her has been excellent. With patience, she explained to me how my thinking and emotions impacted my communication with my business partner as well as with my spouse, and how I could change the way I could communicate with them. And as I learned how to make the suggested changes things kind of magically changed in my communication with the people around me and, in turn, my relationship with my business partner and well as with my wife got better. And I am really grateful to Heike that she had taken the time to teach me all the necessary things to improve my business and personal relationships.  I can wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who is in need of counselling services. Thank you!”

JA May 2022

“I contacted Heike (Mind your Brain) some time ago because of a concussion. Although I had a physiotherapist and other services, I felt consistently fatigued and had a difficult time keeping up with my responsibilities. This also impacted my relationship. In about 6 sessions, Heike helped me understand why I felt fatigued, and how to address it. She taught me with patience how to implement this new knowledge on how to approach tasks, what strategies to use, and how to communicate my needs. This has made a huge difference in my ability to accomplish tasks successfully that I thought I might not be able to do anymore. Heike gave me back my confidence!”

FH April 2022

You really care & are a quality person. It helps that the compassion is real. Put me at ease as much as is possible at this point. Thank you.

anonymous feedback, November 2018

“Your support and professional expertise in helping me recover will always be remembered. I am so appreciative to have been under your guidance.  Thank you”

HC July 2018

“Many thanks for your caring and compassionate ways in helping me cope with my concussion.  I so appreciate the encouragement you have provided.  Your classes are great.  You always walk around with a smile, and it’s obvious that it’s real; you are very kind, encouraging, and gifted. Don’t stop what you are doing!”

Virginia M. October 2014


“I enjoyed the talk very much- it’s great to be reminded about that there is many things we can do to retain brain health.”

June Y.

“A good reminder of what we can do to keep our brain from deteriorating- memory loss etc.”

Jean S.

“Excellent talk- most enjoyable.”

Wilma Y.

Cognitive Aging talk held August 31. 2013

Counselling and cognitive rehabilitation for brain injury, and cognitive aging
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Counselling and cognitive rehabilitation for brain injury, and cognitive aging
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Testimonials by former clients (concussion and rehabilitation), as well as recipients/ participants of talks and workshop held on topics surrounding cognitive aging